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Elkorus v3 end of production

Elkorus v3 end of production

Elkorus end of production! Don't let it go the last units!!...

New USA dealer: Analogue Haven!

New USA dealer: Analogue Haven!

We are glad to announce that Analogue Haven will be our dealer in USA and we start with the élkorus v3 distribution....

New USA dealer:Perfect Circuit Audio

New USA dealer:Perfect Circuit Audio

We are glad to announce that Perfect Circuit audio will be our dealer in USA and they start with the élkorus v3 distribution. ...

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Antonus 2600 (ARP2600 réplica)

Antonus 2600 (ARP2600 replica)
Sales price: 3195,00 €


Inspired by the legendary ARP 2600 synthesizer.

Following the form factor of 80% approx. the size of an original 2600 and incorporating illuminated sliders we have a faithful replica in terms of component electronics and circuits just by changing the part of speakers and their respective amplifiers.
The synthesizer follows the design of the famous ARP 2600 "gray face" which was the model that incorporated the 24db transistor leader filter. Maybe the most popular design of 2600 recorded, especially in the decade of the 70's.

In the elaboration of the model, a restored and calibrated ARP 2600 has been worked together to make as much detail as possible in the final result.
The original Tólex cabinet has been cloned and adapted the new form factor of the Antonus, including of course the front cover to close the briefcase and be able to transport it. In this way you get a feeling very faithful to the original. The front has been made in textured aluminum and professional screen printing. We choose black finish for this version.
As it is a recreation, new elements have not been incorporated into the synthesizer as such, but a CV + Gate input normalized in V / Oct and a simple positive gate signal have been incorporated in connection with external equipment. It also incorporates MIDI input, 5 octaves + pitch bend + programmable auxiliary midi control all accessible on the side panel. The two types of input work simultaneously.
Unlike other kits that use DC source too tight, this model works with linear source and toroidal transformer to avoid noise and disturbances in its operation. The equipment is delivered to the AC voltage that the customer demands, but it can be modified internally by simple wiring if in the future it is desired to change the input voltage.
Unlike other kits, the corrections applied have been designed to resemble the final result of the original equipment, but modifications have been ruled out. Although they are described as "technical improvements", they alter the character of the instrument too much and therefore artistically it seems more interesting to leave the original behavior.

As much as it is written the best to do is listen and if it is possible to test the instrument, that is when you understand the magic of the genius of the original design and explain why today we are still pruducing this synthesizer.

Measures= 680x420x200mm

Weight= 13kg

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