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WUTIERSONWutierson site born in Barcelona with the main intention to offer products and developments concerning the electronic music, especially the world of the synthesizer.

We focus on products or brands that are committed to innovation but its modest demand have no place in the current commercial circuit where profitability is above everything. If we think that is useful or have interest for a certain group of users is necessary to have the supply to meet that demand. Also we work everything that means for preserving or improving old material. There are many instruments and audio tools that were great but the pass of time was neglecting either difficult integration studies today or simply because the manufacturers stopped supporting. Wutierson can bring to this task a little help offering kits and updates for all those good instruments who need revisions.

Of course we also try to offer parts and pieces that help to maintain good health that old loved equipment which parts are difficult to find.

As a young business, we are ready for any cooperation or development that we can from here. Any suggestions you can contact by the form o writing to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We hope that Wutierson can be useful for this small but exciting world of electronic music instruments.